Mercedes-Benz Facebook Presence

Mercedes-Benz USA needed a parallel presence to their German counterpart on facebook. The strategy was to keep it simple and exemplify the fast pace of community interaction by providing the tools for building that experience. Time sensitive items like video and fresh photography retain a home while driving comments and shares.

Apps: Photoshop, Design

Fifty People - One Question Tablet Interface

A pitch for the development of an iPad app which acts as a video gallery. The screen displays content both vertically and horizontally. Emphasis of simplicity in a completely immersive environment were key in retaining the candidness of the story line.

Apps: Photoshop, Design

Wall Street Journal Mobile Subscription

The Wall Street Journal was very quick to adopt the mobile market. They needed a mobile extension of their subscription site that was compatible on current smartphones and three previous versions of Blackberry. Through the design process, we downloaded emulators which allowed us to make choices about what needed to stay in the final product to ensure an amazing experience.

Apps: Photoshop, Design, Blackberry Emulators

Axoncalc Engineering Calculators

Engineering has an wide range of unique disciplines though the tools engineers use usually the same. Tailored smartphone applications are an amazing way to create a field focused calculator that uses the same hardware. It was ported to both iOS and Android for emerging markets.

Apps: Photoshop, Design

A Vista Events

A Vista is an events production company who wanted a theatrical site that mirrored the imagination they put into events. Everything you see was hand illustrated by me to imply 3D illustration printed on a flat surface like a theater set. In this fullscreen immersive flash site, whimsical characters walk users to the right through screens that inform about the company.

Apps: Illustrator, Photoshop, Creative Direction, Art Direction

Artistic Tile

The luxury tile company needed an e-commerce site which matched the experience of being in their flagship store. Customization through saved customer profiles, interactivity through their tile selector and personalized experiences with saved scrapbooks elevated the shopping experience.

Creative Direction, Art Direction

Hasbro Transformers & Star Wars Action Toy Arena

The client wanted an environment where an individual could select and view all of their action figures in their both their Transformers and Star Wars Clone Wars line. Small scaled action figures stand on platforms surrounding the center circle. Clicking the foreground arrows advance the characters perform scenes the center circle.

Apps: Photoshop, Maya, Art Direction

Hasbro Indiana Jones Microsite

This was so fun that it wasn't work at all. The site need to be a unique destination inside of Hasbro's e-commerce framework with access to toys, games and animations of the actual toys called the "Action Toy Arena." One of the highlights was the in-house stop animation shooting for the Action Toy Arena using green screen techniques. The entire site had been designed, animated, coded and implemented in just under 2 months to coincide with the release of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull.

Apps: Photoshop, Maya, After Effects, Illustrator, Photography, Art Direction

Toshiba Regza Adpod

Toshiba needed an adpod to launch prior to streaming content on that focused on their line of Regza televisions. Footage of their spokesman, Michael Imperioli of "The Sopranos," and stunning imagery were combined into a microsite to explore the advanced technology of the Regza line.

Apps: Photoshop, After Effects

Launch Adpod

CBS Upfront Resource Center

CBS needed a microsite to consolidate all of the marketing materials for their local affiliates during the upfront season. It needed to have a CMS framework for to accommodate regular updates, a basic media buy examples for reference and dynamic map that could be filtered to provide locations for affiliates, other networks, and station locations across the country.

Creative Direction, Art Direction

Interactive Data

Interactive Data needed a fresh face and marketing approach for 2008. The company which provides raw data for the financial industry has been growing with the development of newer web technologies. What started as a redesign for their site effectively changed the direction of the organization of the entire company as our IA provided insight as to the actual corporate structure.

Creative Direction, Art Direction, Information Architecture


It's proposed design for a financial gossip from the Concrete Canyon aka Wall St. After working about a block from their for five years, looking at this site hits me straight in the feels.

Apps: Photoshop, Illustrator

Britney Spears Live

Showtime aired Britney's "Live From Miami" show and needed an accompanying site. The photography was original David LaChapelle. Rare latitude in reworking his imagery was granted after seeing the design.

Apps: Photoshop, Illustrator